by Jef Joslin

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released April 29, 2016


all rights reserved



Jef Joslin Los Angeles, California

As an artist, producer, songwriter and film & tv composer, Jef Joslin blends influences of James Taylor to the songwriting he learned in Nashville, TN, the soulful stylings and groove of Stevie Wonder into production that he sharpened in Atlanta, GA, and sprinkles it all with the Brian Wilson-esque, colorful “California Soul” arrangements he continuously refines. ... more

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Track Name: No More
No More written by Jef Joslin

Have you ever felt so low
You reach up and touch the floor
Try and make friends with the ants
Cause all your friends walked out the door
And you don’t know what else to do
But cry yourself a swimming pool and dive on in?

Have you ever found yourself
Down the barrel of someone's finger
Somehow the way you are
Makes them want to pull their trigger
And you can’t understand
What you’ve ever done to them or anyone?

So sing it out if you’ve ever felt
Like life’s too much to bear
Scream it out, let it go
And leave the pain right there
It’s no good for anyone to ever be alone
So come on home
Cause you’re not alone

Do you think the day will come
When we all get along
Get over bickering
And decide we’re all dead wrong
Agree to disagree
Oh what a holy party that would be

Truth is, we’re all the same
All made of shooting stars
Just divine explosions
Of the love we carry in our hearts
I think it’s time we let it out
And if you’re down with that then sing along

If you’re tired of laying on the ground say no more
If you’re tired of people putting you down say no more
Wipe those tears right out your eyes and say no more
Lift your hands up to the sky and say no more
Track Name: Glory Road
Glory Road (written by Jef Joslin)

We’re at a crossroads
Been singing an old song
With a worn out busted soul

We may have it all wrong
At the end of the day though
There’s only one way to know

So on and on
And on and on we go
Just keep walking on and on
And on that glory road

So on and on
And on and on we go
Just keep moving on and on
And on that glory road

I remember on Sunday
The preacher man told me
God really didn’t like my kind

How many today though
Are feeling the same way
Just crawling their way through life

We’re looking for answers
A midnight dance
Or a one way ticket to the sky above

I may have it dead wrong
But I’d bet my life long
That all we really need is love
Track Name: Sunshine
Sunshine (written by Jef Joslin and Tyler Shamy)

I’ve got a feeling that today will be the perfect day
I’ve got a feeling something good is gonna come my way
Nevermind all the people that might hate on me
Nevermind all the crazy things they say to me
All I know is I got a good feeling and nobody and take it away

You can’t rain on me I’m made of sunshine
You might be colorblind but all I see is blue skies
Clouds may cover me but that don’t bother me
Every part of me is smiling on the inside
You can’t rain on me I’m made of sunshine
Don’t be surprised to see light in my eyes
Every cloud I see has a silver lining
You can’t rain on me I’m made of sunshine

I’ll be honest I can’t find a reason to complain
See life is beautiful and paradise ain’t far away
My heart is beating and my lungs are filled with oxygen
I’ve got a roof to keep me dry, a place to lay my head
Even when I wake, feels like I’m dreaming
You know I wouldn’t change a thing

Now I’m not saying there’s no rain
And I’m not saying there’s no pain
But life gave me a voice to sing
And what I sing is up to me
Track Name: Whenever You Call
Whenever You Call (Written by Jef Joslin)

Sometimes this life can get busy
Trying to make a buck leaves a man feeling dizzy
But every time you feel lonely
You know all you gotta do is call me
I’ll lace up my shoes and come running
Get there as fast as I can for you honey
I know the guys think I’m crazy
But there ain’t nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for my baby

Whenever you call
Whenever you call
Whenever you need baby
I’ll drop it all

Before you say hello
You already know
Girl just tell me where you want me go
I’m moving like a hurricane
Flying like a jet place
Fast as I can to wherever you are
Be it big or small I’ll drop it all
Whenever you call

Some people tell me you’ve whipped me
But they’d do the same if they could see what I see
You’re always trying to please me
That’s why I jump anytime that you need me
Or maybe I’m just a sucker
Or maybe my girls got a man who loves her
Some guys prefer to be selfish
Till they come home to find out their girl is somebody else’s
Track Name: Find Myself
Find Myself (Written by Jef Joslin)

Running into darkness to stay out of the light
Voices all around me try to tell me I’m fine
But everything inside of me says something’s not right
Gotta find myself, gotta find myself

I can see the blue sky from inside of this grave
Stuck down deep inside the bed that I’ve made
Paralyzed by nothing and I’m going insane
Gotta find myself, gotta find myself

But where do I go
When I think I’ve lost myself
I’ve been looking in the mirror
At somebody else
How will I know
If I ever reach the end
Am I just trying to find myself
Long enough to lost it again

Spinning round in circles trying to walk a straight line
Can’t sit still feels like I’m running out of time
Taking all of yours cause there is nothing that’s mine
Gotta find myself, trying to find myself

Feeling all alone in the midst of a crowd
Deafened by the silence that keeps screaming out loud
Stuck under the weightlessness that’s holding me down
Gotta find myself, trying to find myself
Track Name: Adios
Adios (Written by Jef Joslin)

Those waves they beat the life out of me
And Jarrod had never touched a board
But he beasted that sea
Justice didn’t let a single a wave go by
And John nearly died right before we arrived

Adios Nicaragua
Hope to see you down the line
It was only for a time
But I can’t get you off my mind
Adios, thanks for the sunshine
Thanks for the good times
Thanks for the long rides
Thanks for the sunshine

Had a clogged up ear and bummed out knee
But the rum and the toña helped to medicate me
I missed my wife and my baby to be
But we were dancing in the moonlight every night in my dreams

Thursday came it was bitter sweet
And we boarded a plane with sand in our jeans
We landed in LA in a whole different scene
Where being back home is like waking up from a dream
Track Name: Brighter Day
Brighter Day (Written by Jef Joslin)

There are days
Where the sun is like a hurricane
Tearing holes in my dark charade
And so here I lay
As exposed as an infant babe
Like a stranger without a name

When there’s nobody left to blame
There’s no one to put out the flame
Where do I go
When there’s no light to to guide the way
Lead my soul to a brighter day
A brighter day

I see the sky
Through window frames from inside my mind
So afraid of the world outside
So beaten down
Black and blue from the ghosts I’ve made
A losing game that I'm forced to play
Track Name: Hey Bill
Hey Bill (Written by Jef Joslin)

Hey Bill
I’m sorry to hear of what you’ve done
And it sure as hell ain’t right but know you’re not the only one
And I don’t say it to condone but just to say you’re not alone
Cause I’m sure I’d have the blues
If all my sins were broadcast on the evening news

Hey Bill
How does it feel to have all fingers point your way
All the skeletons in my closet they asked me to convey
Their condolences and that they’ll stay inside another day
They were going to come out
Instead they said they couldn’t handle all the shame

Hey Bill
Has anybody told you that love you lately friend
In spite of all you’ve done I understand you’re just a man
Now a broken one alone with his heart in his hands
Oh but everyone deserves a little forgiveness now and then

Hey Bill
I tried to explain you’ve probably got a hole
And you’ve tried to cover up all the emptiness you hold
But everyone’s too busy always trying to fill their souls
To recognize we’re all the same despite how many sins we own
But it’s easier to scapegoat and to shame
Than to admit we feel alone

Hey Bill
Thanks for all the laughs and for the love
The shadows of your past could never cancel what you’ve done
Oh your life has just begun all your cards are on the table
Was your hands and turn and run
Towards the Father that forgave you long before you came undone
Track Name: One and One Made Three
One and One Made Three (Written by Jef Joslin)

I was always scared to be
The roots under a family tree
Wondering if a dream could ever carry more than me

Then one day you hummed along
And brought to life a wounded song
I used to find impossible to sing
A sonnet made for three part harmony

One and one made three
And I started to believe
That I could do it
Cause we can do it
And the man I couldn’t see
An impossibility
You saw alive in me
And one and one made three

I had every chance to screw it up
And every time I pressed my luck
Grace it seemed had far more faith in me

All the years I tried in vain
To polish up a family name
Somehow still you wear it as a queen
Chin to sky as proud as you could be

The mountain top I never tried
Doesn’t seem so very high
Afraid to walk I used to crawl
But now I’m not afraid at all
You found the wings I tried to hide
And pointed me up to the sky
A part of me it had to die
So I could see that I could fly
Cause we can fly
Track Name: Feather Rose
Feather Rose (Written by Jef Joslin)

Will you have her eyes will have my nose
Will you have my hands will you have her toes
God only knows Feather Rose

Will you be tall like me
Will you be sensitive like mommy
God only knows Feather Rose

There’s a hundred million things that you could be
But all we can do is plant that seed
Water it and watch it as it grows
Feather Rose

Will you sing like a bird
And will you splash each page
With the color of your words
God only knows Feather Rose

Mommy and me can’t wait to see
The beautiful girl that you’re gonna be
And with each day our anticipation grows
Feather Rose

Is your hair gonna curl
And do you want to change the world
God only knows Feather Rose

Whatever you do whoever you’ll be
You’ll always be loved by us you see
At the end of the day whichever path you chose
Feather Rose
Track Name: She Just Listened
She Just Listened (Written by Jef Joslin)

The other night she came home
About six bottles deep
And I climbed out from under
My imaginary trash heap
And I told her how I felt
About this and about that
How I lay beneath the heaviness
Of the weight of life itself
And somewhere in the middle
Of this drunken rambling on
I looked up from my complaints
And half expected her to be gone

She just listened
With a giggle and smile
And she just listened
No she didn’t bat an eye
And she just listened
And her eyes they glistened
And she just listened
Anyone else would have shaken their head
And made me feel small
But she showered me with grace
And she looked at me with love
And she just listened

The other day I heard a shout
From inside my glass of wine
And the shame and guilt of yesterday
Came flooding through my mind
So I started to confess
All the things that I had done
Every slimy bit inside my soul
That might cause a girl to run
I filled the room with tears of blood
Till I drained my body dry
And she waded through all my regrets
With forgiveness in her eyes

She didn’t cry
She didn’t ask me why
She didn’t try to give me answers
She didn’t need to tell me lies
She just welcomed all my pain into her eyes
Track Name: Same Old Song
Same old Song (Written by Jef Joslin)

Here’s one for the radio
Here’s a song for giving in
Somehow it feels like giving up
To do whatever it takes to win
How can you be a pioneer
When you play the same old song
I thought you wanted something new
But all you wanted was to sing along

There’s nothing new under the sun
I don’t know if I’ll ever do
What hasn’t already been done
Is this really what you want
Or is there someone who’s to blame
Cause all I hears the same old song
With a different name

Here’s one to make you happy
One for throwing in the towel
Tired of trying to be different
When you don’t care anyhow
What’s the point if no one’s listening
Unless they’ve heard it all before
Is anybody winning if nobody's keeping score

A daisy’s not a rose
Just because you paint it red
You can call it what you will
Or call it new instead
Track Name: Sail On Skipper
Sail On Skipper (Written by Jef Joslin)

Sail on skipper
To heaven’s golden shore
Let the breath of God fill the sheets
The weight of gravity no more
The life you’ve lived laid out for all
To marvel and adore

Play on skipper
In a kingdom symphony
Lay a swingin’ beat at Jesus feet
Feel the kick drums mighty roar
The skies will sing a song of you
To generations forever more

As a seed falls from a tree
Just the same your legacy
Springing up inside of me
And every branch of this family

Smile on skipper
Let the elders fall to the floor
Doubled over with the laughter
Of every silly face you wore
Oh the joy you left behind
In all the ones that you adore
So smile on sweet skipper smile on

As the sun
Sets in the sky
With brilliant hues
It waves goodbye
In the morn again to rise
Your fingerprint immortalized

Live on skipper
Hallelujah for the lamb
What our eyes can’t see
Our hearts perceive
Death blows away like sand
They’ll all be waiting for you
To embrace and take your hand
What a crown of gold awaits you
What a father what a husband what a man
So sail on my skipper
Play on sweet skipper
Live on our skipper
Live on

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